Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Hey there, I'm Michelle. Studying Media and Communication at Deakin. Decided to study it to learn more about the industry; everything about it fascinates me and I want to find my little niche and expand it.

I additionally waitress part-time and have done so for about a year. It's an interesting new perspective and hopefully it hasn't ruined me!

My less formal, more personal blog is My life just happens to contain crazy catastrophes, on which I discuss weird life stories that occur to me every now and then, if you so happen to be interested beyond the Globalisation and the Media unit.

Hence the blog name, Crazy Academic Waitress.

I also went to Thailand last April for two weeks and loved it; I'd never been overseas before then and the culture shock was amazing. Looking to travel some more. In the meantime, I hope to apply a couple of my experiences overseas when discussing aspects of the unit.


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